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About Timmy And Boo Blankets

At Timmy and Boo Blankets, we are here to help keep people’s hearts warm. As a 100% Australian family-owned business in Eastwood, Sydney, we make premium quality Personal Use Blanket Throws. With a legacy of four and five generations in the area, our locally made, long-lasting Australian-made Throw Blankets combine the finest materials sourced from both Australia and overseas. Experience warmth and comfort like never before.

Feedback From Our Customers

Linda testimonial for Timmy & Boo Blankets NSW

I so love my Timmy & Boo blanket. It’s particularly Snuggie at the moment in these winter months. I also love the colours which are electric blue and navy blue on the other side. Everyone should have a Timmy & Boo Blanket to snuggle into!


Judy testimonial for Timmy & Boo Blankets Sydney

I was delighted to purchase my Timmy & Boo Throw Blanket. Because it is very light & warm, it's wonderful as an extra throw on my bed in winter. I love the colour & decorative edgings making it very personal.


Therese family testimonial for Timmy & Boo Blankets

We love our Timmy & Boo blankets. Wide range of designs, very warm, and good workmanship. Warm enough to throw over quilts in winter, yet light enough for the kids to pull off their beds, and take to the lounge to cosy up.

Therese Frangie


The blankets are a very high-quality and are handmade. They are lightweight and warm and easy to carry around. I would highly recommend them.

Margaret Jayawardene