Our Warm Throw Blankets are generously sized, providing a truly great experience for various activities, including:

  • Snuggling under while watching a movie
  • Sitting and reading comfortably
  • Relaxing with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
  • Wrapping around yourself when it's cold and you're moving around
  • Keeping you warm during screen time
  • Using as a throw on your bed at night
  • Cuddling up with kids
  • Sharing with your loved one. But they might try to steal it from you
  • Gifting to in-laws when you're unsure what to get them
  • Perfect gifts for Weddings, Birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas

Our Style

To enhance both functionality and style, we employ a cutting and tying technique to hold the blankets together. This creates a visually appealing finish. However, we avoid tied fingers at the top of our blankets and have incorporated a comfortable and soft blanket binding at the top of every throw, eliminating any discomfort to your neck, chest, or face.

For children aged 1-5 years old, we recommend our Kid's size blanket measuring 1.5m x 1.1m. It is the perfect size for their own personal use.

For children aged 6-7 and up, we suggest our full-size blanket measuring 2m x 1.45m. Our blankets are made to last, and your child will grow into it. While children outgrow clothes and shoes, they won't outgrow their Timmy and Boo blanket.

We are working on introducing new designs, especially catering to kids aged 1 to 5 years. If you have a specific preference for a blanket design in a child's size or if you want two colours matched up for yourself or someone else, please reach out to us at info@timmyandbooblankets.com.au. We are here to look after you and ensure your satisfaction.

Blanket Care

With your purchase we recommend washing your blanket(s) once or twice a year, or at least after purchase. We also believe it’s great to use fabric softener, it will soften it but not weaken it. Colours won’t run, they’ll stay strong for the long life of the blanket.

Our Polar Fleece Throw Blankets are 100% Polyester and can be tumbled-dried on low but not ironed or bleached. Our care instructions label is on every blanket at its’ base.

Simply care for your blanket and it’ll always be there to care for you, and help keep you and your heart warm.