Pirate Rebel Throw Blanket


Our Pirate Rebel Blanket, the ultimate treasure for pirates seeking warmth and adventure! Designed to capture the essence of times past rebellion, this snuggly polar fleece blanket is popular among both girls and boys and grown-ups too. Its classic pattern is accentuated by a sleek black binding at the top and a matching black back.

With its exceptional warmth and invigorating design, it’s the perfect companion for any pirate ready to embark on cozy escapades.


  • Pirate Rebel look
  • Two Layers of Soft Polar Fleece
  • Very Warm Light-weight Blanket
  • Generous Sized Throw
  • Shiny Black Binding at Top
  • Matching Black Back

If out of stock email us right away at info@timmyandbooblankets.com.au

Additional information


2m x 1.5m
78” x 57 inches


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