Soft Rainbow Throw Blanket


A precious young ladies throw blanket with a mirroring rainbow all over, it’s a captivating kaleidoscope of joy. Its velvety smooth front is adorned with a stunning spectrum of colours matching a soft pink binding. Flip this marvelous creation over, and you’ll be greeted by a lovely soft, pink back bringing a tender embrace.

This fine charismatic creation is a burst of rainbow happiness that will brighten even the gloomiest of days for our daughters.

Added Note: It’s time for the Princesses to arise!


  • Perfect for our Princesses
  • Two Layers of Cozy
  • Very Warm Light-weight Blanket
  • Generous Kid-Sized Throw
  • Pink Back and Pink Binding to Match

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1.5m X 1.1m
59” x 43 inches


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