Chinese Flag Throw Blanket


Our striking Chinese Flag Blanket, an intricate handcraft brought to you by the creative hearts at Timmy and Boo! This smashing design combines bold and vibrant hues of red and yellow, creating a stunning visual symphony that Chinese people adore. Meticulously crafted to replicate the precise design of the Chinese flag, each star on this blanket is individually sewn ensuring lifetime attachment.

Our Australian-born, half British designer, spent two unforgettable years in China. Having loved the people, culture and language, inspiration burst forth to this flag-themed creation. Now with the world embracing migration, we aim to honour people’s roots and we believe that people will appreciate and connect with the pride of their origin, making this blanket a meaningful choice for the Chinese community in Australia, in China, and around the globe.

准备好迎接我们引人注目的中国国旗毯子吧,这是 Timmy and Boo 创意之心为您带来的原创手工艺品!这一令人惊叹的设计结合了大胆而充满活力的鲜红色和鲜黄色,创造出中国人喜爱的令人惊叹的视觉交响乐。这条毯子上的每颗星星都经过单独缝制,精心制作以复制中国国旗的精确设计,确保终生依恋。我们的澳大利亚出生、英国混血设计师在中国度过了难忘的两年。热爱人民、文化和语言后,灵感迸发,创作出这款以国旗为主题的作品。随着世界拥抱移民,我们的目标是尊重人们的根源,我们相信人们会欣赏并与他们的出身感到自豪,使这条毯子成为澳大利亚、中国和全球华人社区的有意义的选择


  • Red and Yellow bright match
  • Individually Sewn Stars
  • Two Layers of Light-weight Polar Fleece
  • Generous Sized Warm Blanket
  • Shiny Red Blanket Binding
  • 红色和黄色的明亮搭配
  • 单独缝制的星星
  • 两层轻质摇粒绒
  • 宽大的温暖毯子
  • 闪亮的红色毯子装订

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2m x 1.45m
78” x 57 inches


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